Remove the guesswork from space management

Know more
Our services provide you with in-depth data & analytics about people flow in your venue.
Increase efficiency
Improve your venue’s space utilization and day-to-day operations.
Help visitors
Our public dashboards improve the user experience of people visiting your space.

Our products

Public dashboards

Public dashboards

Busybee’s public dashboards show the live busyness of your venue, as well as historic and predicted occupancy levels

Occupancy APIs

Occupancy APIs

We offer our customers access to APIs containing their occupancy data. We can help you use this data for various applications, such as customised monitors displaying live busyness at your venue

Admin panel

Busybee customers get access to an occupancy management admin panel with various features. Watch the video for a short demo!

How it works?
Busybee collects and manages data from our IoT sensors which are installed in our partners' establishments. The collected data is completely anonymous. If you're interested in finding out more about how Busybee works you can contact us with the link below.

Our partners

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